Tuesday, July 12, 2011
I've been busy making plans for a move to Austin, so forgive me for taking such a long break. Currently, I'm still trying to get the money together to buy a car and rent a moving van. I have approximately $199. A drop in the bucket compared to the total $5000 I want to raise as a cushion. Unfortunately, I don't qualify as a one-person charity, so donations are scarce. Perhaps I should hit up Robert Brockway for some pointers following the success of his Balls Campaign. Not sure if I quallify, though. I have no balls for life to kick, but being poor sucks.

Did you notice some of the shiny new stuff around my page? Like my Twitter feed? And the photo slideshow at the bottom? I'll add more like that; that's merely a sampling of the awesome photography I've created. I even have a picture now - a wildly inaccurate cartoon avatar harvested from the Marvel Hero Creator. I promise to post more frequently - not that anyone's reading, but, hey, everyone likes to play pretend. I like to have all my barrels loaded so that if (or when - please make it when) someone discovers this slice of awesome and offers a reward for my creative genius, I can fire away at will.

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